By gamers for gamers!

This is my main motto regarding video games. This is how it was done and how it should still be. Unfortunately sometimes it seems like an idea from the past, a guiding principle already forgotten and no longer worthwhile in our modern age of gaming.

Today we have suits - allegedly smart people dressed for business and not for gaming - evaluating target audiences and markets, only a couple of publishers and games with production values similar to the GDP of small countries. Yes, the face of video games has changed. Now we experience a vast machine at work. A capitalistic, strictly calculated and apparently ever growing industry that is part of our daily life.

Is this positive, is it negative? Is it still fun or are we just so deep inside alternate realities that we cannot see the end of the tunnel? Will we continue to accept fraud and redundancy just because graphics are better? I am past 30. I grew up with games like so many others; be it the C64, game boy, or any other platform since then. I had it all, I played it all, I enjoyed it all. In fact I still do...

Although time accelerates with every single day and reality gets a hold of you with every step, every decision you make, I still try to spend as much time as I can in some of the virtual worlds available. Sometimes it feels right, sometimes it doesn't. Still, the feeling that the simple days of rescuing a princess from a castle have past and that all what's left is to give the next generation a testimony of those glory and simple times. To raise awareness and a critical thought about contemporary games, to give them - and anybody who's interested - my opionen about what's good and what's bad. I will do this mainly in form of shorter reviews, which you can find under the review tab or in form of probably longer critical post about everthing else that's interesting, labeled as essay. Although it may seem old-fashioned, I want my platform to be about writing and reading for the bigger part - maybe the most important things that especially the next generation needs to be reminded of.


Besides writing about video games I have also decided to listen to my inner voice and create them (again). All details, posts, logs, vidoes and more about my projects are usually sorted under the "development" tab and I encourage you to drop by and motivate me.


I am constantly looking for smaller and bigger work as freelancer - especially for other indiedevs out there! Here is my expanding PORTFOLIO, which shows the broad palette of things I like to do. If you are searching for help and you want to hire me in any discipline, just contact me under and let's talk, I am sure we can figure something out.

If you are a true gamer you will understand and appreciate my doings, I know it.
This is by a gamer... for gamers!

Enjoy, have fun and feel free to leave comments.


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