Tuesday, March 18, 2014



Wow, have we been waiting a long time for a good South Park game, or what? I think this is probably the shortest review I've done so far. But there is hardly anything to say about this game besides the fact that is absolutely awesome. It really is everything I've been waiting for since more than a decade of enjoying the famous television series called South Park!

The game itself is a very clever mix of several genres and play styles; in general it could be described as a 2D side-scrolling adventure with depth. To me it somehow seems like a Point&Click game too. The battle system is in a classic RPG turn-based fashion. You get to level your main character constantly find new item-wise upgrades of your gear, you have customization options and you find yourself in a great South Park story that never gets boring. - Mostly I don't really like the open-world/quest games, but this game doesn't get old and so far (about 8 hours in the game) I didn't feel stupid a single time for being send between point A and point B while all I initially wanted was to reach point C. To be honest, I don't know if they really structured the quests that well, or if the story and the adventure is simply so immersive that I didn't notice it.

If you are a South Park fan, go out and get this great piece of a game because it will be all you are expecting and more! Me and all my friends have a hard time finding anything even remotely negative about this game... It looks absolutely great, it plays well (better use a controller - mouse and keyboard feels a bit wrong) and it is so much fun and laughter. You will feel like you are playing a gigantic South Park episode yourself full with countless references to a ton of funny South Park stuff. I think - without spoiling - I have to mention that game so far also seems to be pretty big. - First I thought you'll basically just run around the town but I was quite positively surprised that by now I already know and have been to several other great South Part locations like space, Canada and so on. I almost can't wait to see where else the game will be taking me!

Play more! Fart more!

PS: What is all the fuzz about this game not being released and/or being significantly censored in several countries? Last time I checked it was rated MATURE and ESRB-17 or PEGI-18! Funny jokes about shit, farts, sex, religion, abortion and even Hitler are a part of South Park!! If you don't like it and/or you are incapable of understanding the sarcasm behind it then DON'T BUY THIS GAME! But get the hell of adult gamers backs with such a ridiculous censorship! South Park is meant for mature audiences... so is this game!