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sIPX' 2nd placed RIG2014 Indie Title

Ever dreamed of being a cloud? Just floating around, curiously observing with nothing to worry about? Well, in Cloudfall: Night's Tale, being currently developed for Steam by MoodOven, there actually is something worry about: Finding a way home! Nevertheless that doesn’t keep the small, nameless concentration of water from remaining optimistic.

In a world painted by the colors of imagination it will be your task as player to control this cloud and to depart on a journey of exploration and puzzle solving. Though you might encounter dangerous situations, according to the developers, accompanied by the appropriate, sort of "-scaping" music, this game will focus on relaxation and having a good time instead of quick reactions and frustrating constant death: “We don’t need more 'who can shoot' or 'drive faster' games. We want to create something that makes you smile after you come home from work, something you can just enjoy without being stressed.”.

Structured similar to classic games like Super Metroid, Cloudfall will consist of one big world, separated into different areas featuring different looks and challenges. Learning new abilities (such as letting it rain, getting charged with electricity) in combination with the power of deduction is not only the key to solving certain puzzles but also what periodically opens up new areas and progresses the game.

Although the developers didn't want to give away too much about the story yet, judging from the first cover artworks it seems that the small cloud is up against an evil entity of nothingness that threatens to consume the world.
I presume that the story will go hand in hand with the simplistic but already utmost artistic (and still not nearly finished) looks of the game. The little cloud will be the protagonist of a similar simple yet fantastic story and surely master its ambitious tasks.

I for one can't wait to play this colorful and imaginative adventure on my computer sometime next year. - Although somehow predestined to be a game especially for mobile platforms, MoodOven first want to focus on the personal computer segment and then consider bringing this game to iPhones, iPads & Co afterwards.

Play more! Relax more!

I strongly suggest following and supporting the development of the game as well as the creators under the following links:

Twitter: @MoodOven, @MrVatigo, @bitserum

(a website is currently in development and I will post the link as soon as it's available)

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